Monday, April 15, 2013

David Blaine

David Blaine, Part One. The Vertigo, Drowning, Electrocution And Crucifying Of David Blaine. With sharks!

From the third hour (9AM) to the ninth hour (3 PM), Jesus suffered on the Cross, when He "gave up the ghost," and died.

The Challenge:

David Blaine will attempt to put three of his earlier amazing feats into one, plus one. David will be crucified on a cross completely submerged in a sphere of salt water with three sharks. David will of course be bleeding adding to the dangerous nature of the miraculous stunt. Simultaneously being electrocuted by six Tesla coils. The sharks will not be happy. All of this while perched thirty feet above the ground on a replica Space Needle. Will David be able to complete this, the first part of a two part endurance stunt? Will David have the endurance to go the full nine hours? He needs to do at least as well as his competition and his inspiration did to move on to part two. Stay tuned.

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